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The Hollywood Sign

Bigger, Longer & Cut. A montage of this landmark in film.

‘You gotta go, you gotta go’

The toilet. It took a while for it to be taken serious in cinema, but now it’s the setting for many a (classic) scene, depicting it as a…

The Bridges of Amsterdam Forest

Always fun when two passions collide. In this case cinema and the Amsterdamse School (Amsterdam School). One of the main figures of this design/architectural movement was Piet Kramer,…

De Naakte Pistool

The Road to Westhoff, Texas

Towards the end of The Road, John Hillcoat’s faithful (and therefore powerful) adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece of the same name, the man pulls out some decrepit pages…

The dolly zoom focus pull

Tried hard, but can’t think of a similar shot in another film: a dolly zoom AND focus pull on a different subject. Quite subtle and effective.

Paul Verhoeven’s poke in the eye

Here’s the horrible “death in car by pole through eye” from the end of Paul Verhoeven’s De Vierde Man / The Fourth Man (1983).

Michael Cimino’s aircraft carriers

Before he made his directorial debut with Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, became famous with The Deer Hunter and infamous with Heaven’s Gate, Michael Cimino co-wrote two films: Silent Running…